studio izzy

Where creativity comes to life.


Beauty and creativity can be found everywhere we look, you simply have to open your mind up to letting it in. At Studio Izzy, we specialize in finding ways to turn routine, everyday items and activities in to works of art.


At Studio Izzy we believe that we all naturally find joy in creativity.

Show us a child who doesn’t love to be creative. Show us a kid who doesn’t enjoy making some type of art — painting, singing, writing stories, dancing, playing music or making things with clay.  You probably can't find one.  Do you remember those magical times in your childhood when you could lose yourself in your imagination? You could become anything and anyone, and life was full of infinite possibilities and exciting potential. Logic and reality didn’t get in the way of your freedom and joy.

The creative, imaginative world you make for yourself is always there.  So join us on our journey to rediscover creativity.  By doing what you love, you can inspire and awaken the hearts of others. 


Utilizing a wide range of skills from traditional blacksmithing, wood working and modern welding techniques, Izzy creates high-quality functional art.  Who says a tool can't be beautiful.


One of kind hand-thrown pottery.  Like the people around us - it may start out messy, but it has beauty and purpose.

Rustic Tables

Ditch the tech and break bread.  Our large, rustic indoor and outdoor tables invite you to slow down, relax and enjoy food, family and friends.

Photography & Music

Because every picture tells a story.

"Music is the universal language of mankind."
 - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


  • Geoff
    Owner / Artist / Dreamer
    Artist-Blacksmith, welder, tinkerer and jack-of-all-trades.
  • Bryson
    Musician / Photographer
    A passionate soul for music, philosophy, and the art of imagination.
  • Boyd
    Motorcycle Mechanic
    The art of movement.
  • Suzy
    Muse & Nutritional Guru
    Enthusiast and advocate for whole foods, nutrition, homeopathy, herbs, essential oils, fermentation and all things that promote health, wellness and natural healing.


Have a question, an idea, or want to learn more about the creative works of Studio Izzy?  Connect with us through social media or send us a message.  We'd love to hear from you.

 Be a kid again - be creative!